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We are a busy family of four and proud parents to our 2 little boys Harrison and Benjamin.

We live very busy lives and understand how hard it can be to live a healthy life in such an unnatural world. We have built a programme to make nutrition simple and easy to follow and to end the confusion that surrounds diet & lifestyle. We discovered whole food plant based nutrition a few years ago and it changed our lives forever. It is our mission to help as many people experience the best life possible full of health, happiness and in a lean & healthy body!

This is our life, our passion and the future!

daveHi! I'm Dave, a personal trainer and fitness coach running a bootcamp in Edinburgh.

My greatest passion in life is nutrition and the amazing power of food on the human body!

Sadly, I lost my beloved mum in 2015 due to what I believe to be a diet related disease. If I knew what I know now at the time I believe I could have changed the outcome. This is my driver to help others get healthy now through plant based nutrition!

What we choose to put on the end of our fork is so important and our future is being created with every bite. I used to be a 44 lbs over weight smoker with a junk food addiction. After years of feeling sluggish, bloated and generally sick, I decided enough was enough.

I have experienced the toughest few years of my life trying to succeed in long term weight loss and fell in to every trap and fad diet I heard of! It taught me a lot and I started to realise that all the advice I was believing from professionals was not working for me. This is what lead me to plant based nutrition, this was when I finally got it.

Life suddenly got easier, my weight loss finally came without ever going hungry. All my digestive issues and low mood went away and I started to experience life as it was designed to be. It opened up a whole new world of food and knowledge that has changed my life forever.

I have first-hand experience of getting over food addiction, beating cravings, dealing with obsessing about food and feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of eating crap and feeling crap.

There is so much confusion in the health and fitness industry, it is my mission to end it now!

Give me 8 weeks of your life and I will show you how life was designed to be!


carlyHi! I am Carly, Dave’s wife and the other half of LeanFit. We created LeanFit in January 2017 in the hopes of inspiring and helping others on their journey to weight loss and health. I have learned so much along the way and couldn’t wait to share my experience!

I suppose my own LeanFit journey started when I was pregnant with our second son , Benjamin. I have always had a great interest of health and nutrition and been aware of what I put inside my body. That being said, I never quite “got it” and like most women,I have yoyo-ed up and down in weight. Ten kilos here, 5 kilos there, ultimately gaining in excess of 20kg (45 lbs) during my second pregnancy.

Even with what I thought was some basic nutritional knowledge, previously I have gone to all extremes in the hopes of losing some weight. All of my efforts were just that, an effort. Either absolutely starving myself or binging and purging were all part of my struggle. I have been on the “high protein, low carb” , macro counting (yawn) and calorie counting. All of these worked. I lost weight. All diets work. The Big Mac diet would work, if all you ate were 2 big macs every day you would lose weight. All of these are also not sustainable. That’s a biggie and that’s why near enough everyone on a diet (98% of people to be exact) end up gaining all their weight back plus extra.You eventually get to the point where you just CAN’T DO IT ANY MORE! You get fed up of weighing, measuring, counting and STARVING. You cave. You binge. You fail. That’s how I used to feel. Let me tell you something, those diets failed you, YOU DID NOT FAIL.

The human body is not designed to be starved and tortured. It is also not designed to be overweight (that wouldn’t make sense right?). It is designed to thrive, to feel well, to do it’s job of carrying you around without aches and pains and ailments and be lean. 

I did not give this a thought until I watched a couple of documentaries during my pregnancy with Benjamin. The first one was Cowspiracy and the second was Forks Over Knives. We discovered plant based nutrition and after I had Benji, we became completely immersed in the subject. We discovered doctors and nutritional scientists that were advocating this way of eating to improve health and lose weight. We were blown away by the overwhelming evidence that we found showing this to be the most natural and healthiest way to eat. It would also make me slim! Yay!

We have never looked back. We have enjoyed eating a whole food plant based for exactly 18 months now. I lost all of my baby weight effortlessly, eating as much food as I wished. No more counting or measuring! No more cravings and no more energy slumps!

It made us think, “why isn’t everyone eating this way?!” we thought it could be because they have not discovered it yet! They have not felt or heard about all the amazing life changing benifits of adopting a whole foods plant based diet. We wanted to spread the knowledge and give people back the power of being in control of their bodies future! I hope you will join us on this amazing journey! It is truly life changing. Try it for just 8 weeks and I promise you will never look back.

I would like to add that ultimately, I am doing this for my beautiful boys. I want them to grow up happy and strong with the knowledge to make themselves and their children thrive and live a long and healthy life.

Do not be afraid of going against the grain a little. Your body will thank you.


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