13 reasons to go plant-based

What is plant based nutrition?

Plant based nutrition is simply whole natural foods in their most natural unrefined forms that have been around for thousands of years. It is our species natural diet and is basically anything picked from a tree or grown from the ground.

It is bringing our species natural diet back in to the highly processed unnatural world be live in and giving our body the essential nutrients and fuel it needs to thrive in today’s world!


Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is merely a side effect of a healthy body eating a diet that it is designed to live on. If you are carrying more weight than your body is designed to carry due to the western diet, then it will disappear as if by magic following our plant based nutrition plan.

None of us ‘animals’ are designed to be overweight or sick, just look at all the other thousands of species of animals that we share this planet with, we do not see them suffering with obesity, type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

This is because they are all eating food that is natural to their species and they are not eating the highly addictive processed ‘foods’ that occupy 90% off our supermarket shelves and fill up the majority of restaurants.

You will be able to lose weight for good in a safe and healthy manner without having to go hungry or feeling deprived!  

Health benefits of switching to a Plant Based Diet

I could write a book on the health benefits of switching to a plant based lifestyle but here are my top 13 reasons why:

1. You’ll lose weight

Generally speaking, plant based foods are low in calories and high in nutrients. This means you will be flooding your body with excellent nutrition, eating to satiation and still be consuming a low-calorie intake without trying.

2. Your digestion will be super-efficient

Plant based foods, particularly raw foods are not only packed full of amazing vital nutrients but also packed full of water and fibre. This is known as bulk which passes through your digestive tract keeping it healthy and moving.

3. You’ll have an unbelievable amount of energy

You know those annoyingly awesome people that hop out of bed buzzing about life, ready to take on the day? That will be you! When your body is getting the right nutrients and not dealing with inflammation from typical western foods, it makes you feel alive and high on life!

4. You’ll save money

Superfoods aside, plant based foods cost less than animal products. You can fill your cupboards up with whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost of your meat, fish, eggs and dairy shop.

5. You'll never worry about (counting) calories or weighing food again

Once you understand the calorie density of foods (which we teach on LeanFit), you can eat to satiation and never go hungry. You will soon learn how simple staying lean is!

6. You’ll get glowing skin and naturally shining hair and nails

Your hair, your eyes, your skin, your nails — everything starts to glow as you experience life fully plant based. The detoxifying effects of nutrient dense foods, conbined with the elimination of toxic foods means your body will beam out health. A healthy outside starts from the inside!

7. You’ll sleep better

Eating a diet filled with a rainbow of fruits and veggies is your key to getting balanced nutrition, and balanced nutrition is crucial for getting proper sleep. Eliminating all the toxic foods and chemicals will reset your body and let it function as it is designed to function.

8. You’ll think clearer

Say goodbye to brain fog! Eating more plant based foods means eating less processed foods which are the biggest thieves of your mental clarity. Also getting the right nutrients your brain needs to function means you will be more productive and switched on to life.

9. You’ll have better sex

When you flood your body with the amazing nutrients it is designed to thrive on, your hormones get balanced, and a balanced endocrine system will seriously improve your sex life. You will have more energy, better mood and a natural desire to be human!

10. You’ll be more relaxed

Plant based foods provide us with serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan, three neurotransmitters that help reduce anxiety and boost relaxation. Excellent nutrition has been shown to be very effective at treating depression and improving mood.

11. You’ll be sick less

Your immunity is tied to your gut. A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system. Eating a whole food plant based diet also means you will be feeding your gut bacteria the food they need which in return feed us the nutrients we need to fight disease.

12. You will be at the lowest risk of disease later in life

Spending your life eating nutrient-dense whole plant foods whilst avoiding the junk will set you up for a long a healthy life with minimal risk of nearly all diseases we see among our loved ones today.

13. Have a clear conscious for life

Knowing every day that you are not supporting the cruel and unsustainable industry of animal agriculture and that you are not adding to the destruction of our planet is a great way to live your life! You will walk around every day with your head held high! Not only will you be super healthy, but you will be morally proud!

LeanFit for life

LeanFit is so much more than a weight loss programme. Eating a healthy whole food plant based diet whist avoiding all the artificial dangerous food products that surround us is a real commitment to your long term health and your families health.

There is so much research and evidence to show the amazing health benefits of excellent nutrition including how a plant based diet can increase your life span and more importantly your health span! You will be at the lowest risk of nearly all diseases we see in hospitals today and you will be strong and lean in your old age.

We want to be fit and active for our Grandchildren and our Great Grandchildren!


"Age is just a number, it is how you feel and function that counts ..."

The human body wants to fix, repair and stay healthy. We are not designed to get ill in our 6th decade and need to be on medication for life, we are designed to be healthy. All we need to do is a little bit of exercise, eat whole natural plant foods and be grateful for everything you have. Don't stress too much and make sure you take 5 minutes to yourself everyday to think and switch off. 

"Don't over complicate things, simplicity is the key ..."

Life is short, we only get one chance and one body to experience our journey in, look after it and don't be afraid to be different. Your health is the most important factor in any situation. The choices you make today will shape your future.

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